So why am I blogging?

As I’m new to blogging and want to learn as much as I can, as quickly as I can, I’ve decided to go to Blogging U over at the Daily Post. I’m starting with “Blogging 101: Zero to Hero” and right down the very bottom of the page is “Introduce Yourself”…. so here goes.

I’ve decided to write a blog mainly because this year is very significant to me. My husband has turned 30, we’re going on our first proper overseas trip and then I’m turning 30 later in the year. I decided to keep a track of this year (and hopefully years after) via a blog, as it’s digital and I can do it anywhere. I’d also like to think that some of my ramblings may interest other people, the way I’ve found other people’s blogs interest me.

I think that my topics will be quite varied, but they’ll be based on my everyday life. This leads me to why I’ve named my blog “Fantastic Chaos”. To me at least, the title completely sums up my life, a little bit fantastic, a little chaotic and everything in between. I’m hoping that by keeping a blog, after a year I’ll be able to look back through posts and see that maybe it’s not as ordinary as I think it is.

Eventually I’d love to be able to use my blog to connect with people who I can learn from, especially people who have successfully made and are making a living from their blogs. I’d be stoked if I had even 1 person who regularly read my blog (and who isn’t a family member) by the end of the year.

So that’s a little about why I’ve started blogging. What was your reason for starting?


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