“Unlock Your Style” – the start of my journey

Last night I went along to the Ashgrove Library to start my foray into finding out my personal style. Why the Library, do I hear you ask? Well because that was where the author of the personal styling book “Unlock Your Style” was hosting an event.

I’ve been following Nikki Parkinson‘s blog, Styling You, and her Instagram feed for a few months now and love how she makes fashion and style seem effortless. I’ve never been one of those girls who is big into fashion, personal style and accessories. That being said, I’ve decided to change a few things this year and it’s mainly because of the big 3 0 birthday looming in August.

I asked my sister to come along, as she was actually the one who first told me about Nikki’s instagram and blog. Nikki was a great speaker and I really enjoyed listening to, meeting and speaking with her. She was very personable and happy to answer any questions and queries.

What I Learnt:

  1. Personal style is actually just common sense….
    • Now I know you’re probably thinking, “well why did you go if it’s common sense?”, but it’s one of those things for me that it is common sense and you know it, but because it’s yourself thinking it, you need someone to actually reassure you that what you’re thinking is right. Hopefully that makes sense…
  2. There are 3 things which Nikki suggests everyone should do, but other than that it’s all up to the individual.
    • Clean out and organise your wardrobe as your starting point. Get rid of everything that you don’t wear regularly, then for me, I’d put all my work clothes together and all my non-work clothes together.
    • This will lead you to know what you’re missing from your basics sections. Basics are items which you use as the base of each outfit. Fill in these gaps over time.
    • Then to change the outfit’s from basics to not-so-basicky (yes I know, probably not a real word), you have “show pony” pieces. These can be anything which matches with your personality that you want to show to the world. Shoes, bags, necklaces, scarves, clothing items that are seasonal or that can be layered over your basics.
  3. Anything by Camilla Franks never goes out of style (at least according to Nikki and nods of agreement from some others in the room).

So at the end of the talk I bought the book and have vowed to myself to find out exactly what my style is. My homework starts with reading and putting to practise everything that I’ll learn from Nikki’s book.

Here’s my brand new copy of her book…

new book

You can purchase Nikki’s book from here via Angus & Robertson or here for your iPad.

Do you know what your personal style is? What’s your favourite piece of clothing or accessory?


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