Wardrobe Clean Out = COMPLETE!

Part 2 of my style journey was deciding and doing a wardrobe clean out. It was one of the things Nikki mentioned in her talk last week and Chapter 4 of her book “Unlock Your Style”.

I enlisted the help of my sister, as I knew she would keep me honest and be ruthless. It took about an hour to go through my part of the walk-in-robe and my 4 drawer dresser. It wasn’t as hard to do as a I thought it would be, but it was an eye-opener.

Since the end of highschool (11 years ago now), I’ve put on about 35 kgs. Most of it while i was at Univeristy (extremely bad diet and very irregular study and work hours), but about 7 – 10kg of it over the past 7 years. People who have been in a similar situation will understand when I say that 1 whole drawer was of clothes that were from 10 years ago, which I was just holding onto.

It was good to get rid of those clothes, as well as others, because now I feel great. There were only about 6 or 7 items which went into the rubbish bin. Everything else (ended up filling 2 x 60 litre rubbish bags) was able to be donated.

donate pile

Two bags full of clothes waiting for a new owner to love them

The best part of the clean out was that I also found clothing items which I can use for my overseas trip later in the year (keep following the blog, as I’ll start posting about this trip soon) – most of these items I’d forgotten I had so they were great “surprises”. What I thought was going to be a really horrible task, actually was fun and very cleansing for me.

I now have a very small fraction of clothes in my part of the wardrobe (1/4 is mine, the other 3/4 is taken up by hubby’s clothes…), and only have clothes in 3 of the 4 drawers in my dresser. This weekend coming up I will be making a list of what basic items are missing from my wardrobe and then keep that list in my phone for when I next go shopping.

Not many clothes left in the wardrobe now

Not many clothes left in the wardrobe now

How is your style journey going? Ever found “surprise” clothes when cleaning out your wardrobe?


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