Rock and Grohl – Foo Fighters Brisbane Concert 2015


The Foo Fighters played the first show of their Australian leg of the Sonic Highways tour at Suncorp Stadium here in Brisbane on Tuesday night and IT WAS AMAZING!

The Foo Fighters last toured Australia in 2011 and it was at the end of their Wasting Light tour. The gig on Tuesday was (in my opinion) a million times better than the 2011 gig.

I’ve loved the Foo’s ever since their second album came out, way back in 1997 (I was about 12 or 13 y/o), titled “The Colour and The Shape” but once I was hooked on the second album I went back and discovered their debut self-titled album “Foo Fighters” and I’ve never looked back. Hubby took a little longer to discover just how good they are, but has since made up for this delay by owning and watching “Foo Fighters: Live at Wembley Stadium” about a 100 times over.

The concert on Tuesday had a mix of everything, old tracks, new tracks and they even did a few covers, which just proved they are one of the best rock bands (still) around today. Frontman Dave Grohl told the audience that 20 years ago on that day, was the very first time the Foo Fighters had ever played a gig. The audience gave this revelation the cheer it deserved.

The set list order worked well and the band was on stage for a total of two and a half hours! One of the longest concerts I’ve ever been to. I don’t know how, but they made it feel like it was nowhere near this long of time.

Brisbane Set List:

  1. Something for Nothing
  2. The Pretender
  3. Learn to Fly
  4. Breakout
  5. My Hero
  6. Big Me
  7. Congregation
  8. Walk
  9. Cold Day in the Sun
  10. In The Clear
  11. Arlandria
  12. Monkey Wrench
  13. Skin and Bones
  14. Wheels
  15. Times Like These
  16. Stay With Me – The Faces
  17. Let There Be Rock – AC/DC
  18. Tom Sawyer – Rush
  19. Under Pressure – Queen/ David Bowie
  20. All My Life
  21. Outside
  22. These Days
  23. Generator
  24. This Is A Call
  25. Everlong

One thing that the Foo Fighters have always been known for and have done well is getting in amongst the crowd (while still being on a stage). From the main stage there was a long runway like stage leading into the middle of the crowd with a horizontal stage piece at the end (making it a T shape). Constantly throughout the night Dave was seen running up and down this runway back and froth from stage to stage.

Songs 13 – 15 Dave performed on just his guitar up on the T stage, while the rest of the band was out of sight. Next thing you see is a stage (with the other band members) rising up into the middle of the runway and they played the covers set (songs 16 – 19) while on this rotating platform.rotating platform

The other thing that I love about the Foo Fighters concerts is that they always add in excellent instrumental pieces to several of their songs. While some bands and performers play a concert exactly like their album, listening to the Foo’s is like an extra deluxe album but with even more extra bits that you actually look forward to (instead of just a crappy remix of a song).

All in all it was definitely an excellent concert and I was completely happy with my allocated seating tickets (about level with the T stage out into the crowd) which were $199 each. The photos (taken on my iPhone 5S) really don’t do it justice. It seemed like we were a lot closer than the photos look. I’d definitely pay that much again for the same seats.

Who is your favourite band to see live?


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