I Successfully Scared My Husband!

Yes, you read that title correctly. I intended to scare my husband and it damn well worked!

I’m easily scared. If we’re watching a movie and it comes up to the part with all the suspense  and you’re waiting for something to happen, hubby will grab my leg (on purpose) and I end up jumping sky high. Another one he does is wait outside the ensuite door and when I open it I freak out, because I just don’t expect him to be there. I admit that most times this isn’t intentionally to scare me, as I said, I’m easily scared.

Other times it is completely intentional. About a month ago I was in the shower and hubby wasn’t home when I hopped in. He arrived home while I was still in there. I’d left the ensuite door open – as it was just me and the dog at home and Skye (the dog) likes to know where you are at all times – and expected hubby to call out when he arrived.

Well, he did not call out! After putting the conditioner bottle back on the rack I turned around to see my husband’s face about an inch from the glass door. Needless to say I screamed extremely loudly (I probably looked exactly like the baby in that picture) and all hubby did was laugh at me! I was not impressed and neither was the dog (she hates loud noises).

So the other night hubby went to the bathroom and had shut the door. I heard the toilet flush and stood right at the door of the ensuite and waited very quietly while we washed his hands. He opened the door and BAM! I got him good. I yelled “aahhh” right as he opened it and my only  regret is that I wasn’t filming it, because his face was priceless!

That was only about the fifth time I’ve successfully scared him since we’ve been together (13 years) and it was worth it!

It’s just one of the things we do in our relationship. He always scares me, I don’t scare him much but when I do get him, I get him good.

I’ve seen videos on YouTube of couples playing pranks on one another, but I don’t even want to start that war…. simply because I know I would lose!

Do you and you’re partner scare each other, or play practical jokes on each other? What’s the worst one that’s every happened?


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