Travel Itinerary Part 1 – Dubai and Abu Dhabi

It is now less than 4 weeks until hubby and I leave to go on our “first” overseas trip. We will be going to 5 countries (possibly a 6th, but I’ll explain that in a later post). Those countries are: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Turkey, France and Belgium. We will be overseas for a total of 3 weeks. Read this post to find out our main reason for this trip.

Our first stop on our itinerary is the United Arab Emirate nations of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. To get there we are flying the national airline of Dubai, Emirates. I must admit now, I’m an Emirates ambassador (un-paid mind you) from waaaay back. Travelling from Australia to New Zealand and back over the last 15 years (holidays before we moved and since we’ve lived here) I’ve always found that Emirates out shines on both price and quality of service compared to the two Australasia national airlines of Air New Zealand and Qantas. I also make sure to tell everyone about my love for Emirates at any chance I get as well.

From Brisbane we have a one hour-ish stopover in Singapore at Changi Airport, which I’m actually looking forward to. The reason I’m looking forward to it is because I’ve been told that Changi is actually one of the only airports in the world you might want to spend some time in.

Once we land in Dubai we will be staying at the Dusit Thani Dubai Hotel for 4 nights, which from the website and all the reviews I’ve read, really sounds like my kinda place. Getting to and from the airport, we’ve arranged a private car through Sun Transfers. It’s an interesting concept, having one company do transfers in several cities throughout the world, so I’m looking forward to trying out this service.

Our hotel is the building in the bottom left corner.

As I’m such a big fan of theme parks, I’ve told my husband that we are going to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, whether he likes it or not (he’s not a fan of theme parks and is always highly amused that I revert back to about a 9 year old whenever we go to a theme park). So technically we are going to the country of Abu Dhabi, but all we’ll be seeing of it is the road to Ferrari World!

Hubby and I both really wanted to go to the desert in the Emirates, so I found a tour company which operates specifically in the UAE and that has a desert experience. I booked the Sundowner Safari through Arabian Adventures, as it looks like it is the best value for the $125 AUD price tag. The description is 4WD over sand dunes, sunset photo opportunity, henna, shisha, falcon presentation, camel rides and dinner in the middle of the desert. Hubby and I can’t wait! Check out these photos from the Arabian Adventures website:

Other than these activities we want to go to the Dubai Mall, see the fountains at night and during the day, go up the Burj Khalifa and see a Gold Souk and Spice Souk. My problem throughout the whole trip will be wanting to see everything, but not being able to due to tight time frames and budget.

Have you been to Dubai? Am I missing anything of my itinerary that is worth time and/or money?


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