Travel Itinerary Part 3 – France and Belgium

Ok, so I’ve had a 2 months hiatus from my blog. 3 of those weeks hubby and I were galavanting around the world the rest of the time was taken up preparing for the trip or recovering from the trip!

So here is the post I was supposed to put up before our trip giving you a glimpse of our last leg of the itinerary.

After Turkey we are booked to fly to Paris, however we’re not doing Paris straight away. We will be renting a car and driving to the Normandy area for our first night in France. We are planning to do all 5 D-Day beaches the next day and then head to Albert in the Somme area for the night.

Visiting more war museums and memorials while in Albert and in Arras before crossing into Belgium to stay in Ieper for a couple of nights. Ieper is most known as the Flanders Fields area. It is also where the sound The Last Post every night of the year at 8pm at the Menin Gate Memorial.

From Ieper we are travelling to Bastogne for a couple of nights and this stop is the last on our “War Tour” and the area is most known for the “Battle of Bulge” during the Second World War.

From Bastogne in Belgium we’ll be heading back into France to drop the rental car back off in Paris and spend 4 and half days in Paris itself. We are taking the advice of everyone we’ve spoken to, that we should not drive ourselves in Paris. From the airport we found a transfer company which does regular pick ups and drops offs from the airport to several main bus terminals in the city. Le Cars Air France is the company, so hopefully it works out.

Obviously we’ve planned to do all the big tourist attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, Lourve Museum, the Arc de Triomphe and others. I found a website called Visit a City and so we are using that to create our Paris itinerary and not miss all the great attractions. I found it when i googled “4 day paris itinerary”. You really can find anything using Google.

We will be leaving Paris at 10pm on Wednesday night and will arrive back in Brisbane on Friday at 6am in the morning. One flight is Paris to Dubai (only 7 hours) then a long-haul 14 hours from Dubai to Brisbane (our longest flight ever).

Now that you know what we were planning on doing, over the next couple of months I’ll be giving you a run down of how everything actually turned out. What went right, what went wrong and how our perceptions of some places were completely changed.

I’ll be breaking up our travel posts with some other general life posts, so hopefully you’ll all stick around for the ride. Here’s a photo tease….

Eiffel Tower

Have you ever been on the trip of a lifetime? Where did you and how long were you away from home for?


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