4 Things I Learnt From My Recent Flights

On my recent trip abroad I’ve discovered that my love for Emirates Airlines is still solid, but I also have another airline who I’d happily fly with again. So let’s start at the beginning.

When we first started to create a budget for our overseas travel I was using the multi-stop planner on Webjet to try and get rough costs for our trip. Each time I did it though, it kept telling me that our flights were going to be about $10k for the both of us. Now because I had never travelled long distance, I thought this was about right…. BUT IT WASN’T!

I’m so glad I decided to get a travel agent and get them to book the flights. Our flights ended up being half the price and they were the BEST airline experiences ever.

Our first part of our trip we flew from Brisbane to Dubai (with a stopover in Singapore) we flew Emirates in a Boeing 777. I’ve raved about Emirates before and I’m still raving about them! Hubby and I had the window seat and the next one and then another passenger was in the aisle seat. The only problem with having someone else next to us, is every time we needed to use the bathroom he had to move. Because of this, I tried not to drink much water because I knew it would be my luck that I would need to go when the guy was fast asleep!

The food on emirates is great. There is always a lot of it and the options are good. Unfortunately I ended up eating by holding my plate of hot food up under my chin with one hand and then using a spoon or fork with the other, as hubby on one side and the other guy on the aisle both had their elbows sticking out into my tiny seat area. Ah well, the joys of economy class.

From Dubai to Istanbul, Turkey and then Istanbul to Paris, France we were on Turkish Airlines. When my travel agent had come back with these guys as our airline, I was a bit skeptical, as I’d never heard of them before. After some quick googling I was happy with her choice and they did not disappoint!

They were definitely up there with Emirates in terms of customer service! The food was great and the in-flight entertainment was as good as Emirates. It was a Boeing 777 again, but this time we had a spare seat beside us on the aisle, which gave my hubby room to stretch out.

If you can’t tell by now, Emirates is my base comparison to all airlines I’ve flown with.

The icing on the cake was our flight from Paris back to Brisbane. We flew with Emirates on an A380 from Paris to Dubai, then Dubai to Brisbane. We were delayed in Paris which meant we were rescheduled by a full 24 hours to the next flight from Dubai to Brisbane. However, it was all good. Emirates arranged for a hotel stay (3 star near the airport, not bad at all) which included buffet lunch, dinner and breakfast before heading back to the airport.

The A380 is the best airplane. It has more room than the 777, even in economy and the screens for the in-flight entertainment are just that little bit bigger too. Even though they had run out of one of the breakfast options, I’d still Emirates as my preferred airline. It will also take a lot to change my mind of that as well.

4 Things I Learnt From My Recent Flights:

  1. Use a travel agent to book flights if you’re going to more than one country
  2. Fly Emirates whenever possible!
  3. If it’s not Emirates, trust your travel agent’s suggestion
  4. When in doubt, jut google it!

Have you got a favourite airline you always fly with? Have you ever had a terrible experience with an airline you loved?

NOTE: this is not a sponsored post, I’m just saying what I think.


3 thoughts on “4 Things I Learnt From My Recent Flights

  1. Moritz says:

    Emirates is great indeed, but I also like Turkish Airlines. They offer quite a good experience and especially good food as well. Lucky you, having the pleasure to fly with two good airlines at the same time 🙂


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