Dusit Thani Dubai Hotel

I can use one word to describe this place. MAGNIFICENT!

From the moment you pull up to the Dusit Thani Dubai, you are treated like a VIP. A doorman opens the sliding door of our airport transfer van within 2 seconds of it coming to a complete stop. Then in a flash he’s at the boot getting our bags and rushing to hold the hotel door open for us, before hubby has even gotten out of the van!

The doorway opens up to what I can only describe as a palace sized lobby with several concierge staff welcoming us and beckoning us towards the check-in desk. It is advertised as a 5 star luxury hotel and it does not disappoint. Dusit Thani is a Thai brand, so most employees are in very colourful Thai inspired clothes and the Thai essence is obvious throughout the colours and furnishings of the hotel. Our check-in is fast and we are given our keys and told to head up to our room and a doorman followed us a few minutes later with our bags.

Lobby area – photo from Dusit Thani Dubai Hotel website

Our room is on the 26th floor and is one of the biggest that I have stayed in, in my life (it was also the biggest one on our whole trip). There’s a king bed, a couch, TV only a little bit smaller than our own at home, a massive tub, separate shower, coffee machine and complimentary bottles of water. We had a deluxe room (which is the bottom of their room options) and it definitely fulfilled our needs as well as exceeded our expectations.

The view from our room. The Burj Khalifa on the right is the tallest building in the world.

The view from our room. The Burj Khalifa on the right is the tallest building in the world.

Before we headed to Ferrari World (future post content) the next day we decided to make it easy and have the buffet breakfast at The Californian restaurant. OH MY GOD! It was sooooo good. There was everything you could think of for breakfast; eggs cooked to your order by the chef, breakfast sausages, lots of different pastries, bread, cereal, fruit, cheeses, cold meats, and fake bacon. (Dubai is a predominantly Muslim country, so all bacon when you see it on a menu, is fake bacon). The 3 restaurants of the hotel are all located on the 24th floor, so the views were great as well.

After our day at Ferrari World (more about that in a future post), we were pretty exhausted, so opted to eat at the Thai Restaurant in the hotel. The restaurant is called Benjarong. As it is a Thai company I knew it would be delicious, but it was even better than I thought it would be.

We shared Chicken Satay Skewers as an entree and then also shared a Chicken Yellow Curry with streamed rice. The peanut sauce with the skewers had a little bit of a kick to it, but it was so yummy. I always find that restaurant’s never give you enough of the peanut sauce, but this time there was! The yellow curry was thicker and spicier than the yellow curry’s which I’ve had back home in Australia, which was great because hubby and I loved it. There was nothing left on our plates by the time we finished. It was just so delicious.

We made use of the pool area on the last day of our stay. We knew that our next destination (Turkey) would be full on, so figured some R & R was needed. The pool area was definitely the place to do this! Up on the 36th floor, the pool, spa and bar area has an open rooftop, but enclosed walls (D’UH! you’re 36 floors up!). The fitness centre is inside on the same floor and there is also a sauna in the bathrooms (one in the ladies, one in the mens – hubby checked the mens).

Pool are with the open roof. Inside fitness area to the right.

Pool area with the open roof. Inside fitness area to the right.

Drinks and snacks from the bar at the pool area.

Drinks and snacks from the bar at the pool area.

The view from the pool area on the 36th floor.

The view from the pool area on the 36th floor.

The staff throughout our stay were extremely helpful and provided excellent customer service. If the attendant at the pool bar saw you had an empty, they’d be asking you if you’d like another (and of course hubby and I said “yes please”). They kept filling up our snacks as well, which was great because they had these really tasty flavoured peanut things that went down a treat!

I would definitely recommend this place to anyone wanting something with a bit of opulence that Dubai is known for, but without breaking the bank! The customer service was amazing, the room was as big as my dining, kitchen and lounge areas of my house combined and the food was delicious. The other great feature was the free guest shuttle bus. The shuttle bus had several drop off and pick up points at different times on different days.

Now the money side of things. We got a “stay 3 night and save 17%” deal so all up our room was $210 Australian Dollars per night including local taxes. The buffet breakfast is a bit expensive at approx $45 AUD, but worth doing at least once. The meal at Benjarong was reasonably priced with any top Thai restaurant in Australia. The alcohol was where it became it expensive. If you can avoid drinking alcohol, then you’ll save money.  To book your luxury Dubai stay choose your room type then book it online.

If given the chance I would choose  to stay here again in a nanosecond! Loved every minute of our stay at the Dusit Thani Dubai Hotel. I can’t wait until they open one in Brisbane.

Have you ever stayed in a 5 star hotel? What did you think of it?

NOTE: this is not a sponsored post, I’m just saying what I think.


3 thoughts on “Dusit Thani Dubai Hotel

  1. Moritz says:

    It looks absolutely stunning. Hotels in Arabia and the UAE in special, are absolutely great. We stayed at the Hilton Capital Grand Abu Dhabi lately and it was absolutely amazing! For my next trip to Dubai, I’ll definitely consider the Dusit Thani. Thanks for the great review 🙂


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