Ferrari World with Arabian Adventures

So you know how everyone says that “Disneyland is the happiest place on earth”? Well I totally disagree! Full disclosure: I’ve not yet been to Disneyland, but surely it can’t be as happy as what hubby and I were recently when we went to…. FERRARI WORLD!


Ferrari World is located on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, which is an hour away from where we were staying in Dubai. We arranged to go to the Ferrari themed park through Arabian Adventures. Arabian Adventures is a tour company that operates within the UAE and is owned and is a division of The Emirates Group. We also did a desert safari tour with these guys, but more on that in an upcoming post.

So we went half way round the world to a country with such a rich cultural history and we’re going to a theme park. I know, I know, but you see I love theme parks. I am a certified adrenaline junkie. I’ve been sky diving, been bungy jumping and have yearly passes to the theme parks on Queensland’s Gold Coast. So yes, we went to a theme park. AND IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT!

It was one of the best day’s of our whole trip. My hubby is not as enthused about theme parks as I am, but he was coming to see all the cars and Ferrari related bits and pieces on display. However, he has since told me that it was one of the best bits of our whole trip for him as well!


Ferrari World boasts the fastest roller coaster in the world, the Formula Rossa. It goes 240 kmph and when you’re in the front seat of it, it is FAST! Due to how fast it is, there are no loops in the track, just extremely banked corners. Every person on the ride must wear a set of goggles and trust me, you need it. Hubby felt like he was going to black out because of the G-Force you experience. Meanwhile I was having a great time. We went on this ride twice. Our first ride we were near the middle of the coaster, but we used one of our fast track passes (we had a total of 3) to get the front seats on our second go towards the end of the day.


The other roller coaster that’s there is the Fiorano GT Challenge. There are two tracks, each with one coaster (all designed to look like a Fiorano GT car) and both coasters go at the same time and look like they are racing each other. It’s no where near as fast as the Formula Rossa, but it’s still fun. The other couple of rides we liked were the Speed of Magic and Driving with the Champion. The Speed of Magic is a 3D ride where you follow a character of a game through different levels of the game to try and beat him. It’s very well done and you certainly feel like you are in the game. Driving with the Champion is a motion simulator which makes you feel like you are in the passenger seat with a Ferrari racing driver while you lean into corners and get pushed back into your seat when accelerating. Definitely fun for a self-confessed speed demon!

My hubby was happiest when he was admiring the cars and pieces of the cars that were on display. He took a lot of photos! The Ferrari Gallery had several cars on display from racing track ones to a couple that were normal road driving ones.

The dining options weren’t too bad. Hubby and I had eaten a HUGE breakfast before we went so we just had a piece of cake and some pizza, which were both quite delicious and reasonably priced (considering it’s a theme park).


One extraordinary thing that I’ve not yet told you about the park, is that it is all indoors. Yes, you read that right. Everything is inside. The only time you go outside is when you’re on either of the roller coasters. The structure is insane. You can see it from a far distance away when approaching it and the inside you can see all the steel work that is holding it up. I guess having it indoors make sense, as temperatures there can reach over 40 degrees celsius in the summer months.



Coming from Australia I can vouch for the fact that waiting in line in even 30 degree celsius heat isn’t fun. October – April is peak tourist season in the UAE – which is their winter – as temperatures average out 18 – 30 degrees celsius. We were there mid-April and only had one ride which we had more than a two minute wait for. The Forumla Rossa we waited about 15 – 20 minutes the first time and then less than 10 minutes the second time when we used our fast track pass. It was definitely a great time of year to go to Ferrari World.


Now for the information you really want… prices and how to get there. Since we went with Arabian Adventures it cost us 350 AED each for the entrance ticket into the park (which was a Silver Pass) and then it was 100 AED each for the transfer from Dubai to Ferrari World and then return in the afternoon. This worked out to be $124 AUD for the park entry and $36 for the return transfer. The silver pass allowed us 3 opportunities to jump the queue. We only needed to use this once, which we used for the front of the roller coaster. If you went in off-season or either edge of the off-season you could get away with paying for just the normal entry ticket.

Our transfer only made 3 pick up stops, so we had to taxi to the closest pick up point (only cost about $10 AUD). There was only one other couple in the transfer van with us. On the way back to Dubai the driver even offered to drop us off at our hotel but since the other couple were headed to the Dubai Mall, we hopped out there as well. It was a long day as we were picked up at 10am, got to the park at 11am (which is opening time) and then were picked up again at 5.30pm. As it’s an hour back to Dubai we ended up getting to the Dubai Mall just on 7pm, as rush hour traffic was around.

Click here to book the Silver Pass ticket.

Click here for other tours from Dubai.

Do you like theme parks? Are you an adrenaline junkie? Which is your favourite theme park?


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