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hassle free

When trying to find the best way to get to and from an airport in a foreign country, I have gone for the easiest option. Since it was our first overseas trip, I was happy to spend a little extra on transfers, than try and work out public transport/ taxi’s at each new destination.

I really love google and I don’t know how anyone would have travelled 15 years ago without the internet being the powerhouse it is now and heavily relied on. Through the wonderful machine that is google I found a company called Sun Transfers. After a quick browse of their website and reading the FAQ’s, and reviews on the company website and some reviews on Trip Advisor I decided to get a quote.

Our first stop was Dubai. I put in all the information into the quote generator on the main webpage. All you need to know is airport, suburb of your hotel, if you want return transfer or just one way, the dates and the number of passengers.

Their website is available in 8 different languages and you can also convert the currency to see what it would cost in your own country’s currency. This proved a helpful tool for me. After inputting our details the quote came back as $65 AUD for 2 people to go in a private car from Dubai airport to our hotel and then back again when we were flying out. After catching a few taxi’s in Dubai we soon worked out that the cost of the transfer was about $10 AUD cheaper than a taxi to and from the airport.

The part I liked was the private car. There is nothing worse than getting somewhere and having to wait for people to get on the shuttle. The shuttle then goes to several hotels and resorts to drop those people off and my luck is that I’m generally near the end of the list to be dropped off. I’d experienced this several times between the ages of 7 – 20 when we used to go to the Gold Coast from New Zealand on a family holiday.

I went ahead and booked the private car for $65 AUD – BARGAIN! Once you decide to go ahead and book it, they ask for more detailed info such as flight numbers, arrival and departure times and how many pieces and what sort of luggage you will have (eg golf clubs, surfboards). After catching a few taxi’s in Dubai we soon worked out that the cost of the transfer was about $10 AUD cheaper than a taxi to and from the airport.

Once all paid up you are sent through a confirmation and then you receive a separate email with your voucher. All you have to do is give the voucher to the driver when you land. All the information about where to meet your driver was provided in that email as well. I something does happen and you need to call them, no worries, 14 different countries each have a local customer service line phone number available.

When we landed at the Dubai International Airport we walked out into the arrivals area and sure enough there was a sign with my name on it and the driver immediately took my bags from me and we headed to the car park. The vehicle was in immaculate condition, even the outside of the vehicle looked clean (which I wasn’t really expecting considering that Dubai has sand/ dust everywhere!).


Image from Sun Transfers website

The driver spoke excellent English and was very friendly. We told him it was out first time in Dubai so he pointed out a few sights along the way to our hotel. We had the exact same experience on our way back to the airport as well. Our private car picked us up at the hotel about 5 minutes late, but 5 minutes before she was due to pick us up, she’d called ahead to the hotel and asked the concierge to let us know she was running late. AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE.

When I was trying to book our transfer for Turkey the customer service was exceptional. I couldn’t figure out which suburb our hotel was in, so I just emailed the hotel address details through via the “request a quote” link on the Contact Us page. Within 24 hours they had emailed me back advising the suburb for me to use, but they had also included a personalised link for me to complete the booking. I wasn’t ready to book at that stage so left it.

I ended up booking about a month before we left Australia. I put the details into the quote generator again and confirmed everything, but when I got to the payment page I realised I had to wait a couple of days for my pre-designated trip funds to come into my account, so I cancelled out of the booking.

The next day I received a call on my mobile phone…. it was Sun Transfers! They rung to see if everything was ok, could they do anything to assist and was I still needing to make the booking. I just said it was a matter of waiting till the money was in my designated trip account. The lady then said she would send me an email with a link and all I had to do was click the link and pay for it, all the information would still be there and it was!. Again, AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE!

The private car in Turkey cost $70 AUD and after speaking with some other people on our tour that we did in Turkey it was only about $5 AUD more each way than taking a taxi, so I was pretty happy with our choice.

I would definitely use this service again if travelling. I’ would also happily recommend it to anyone who was looking for a transfer company who is reliable, has great prices and EXCELLENT customer service.

NOTE: this is not a sponsored post, I’m just saying what I think.


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